Casa Mission’s Private Dining Room

In 1980, Alberto Miranda and Estela Morales opened La Mission, a restaurant located in Juárez Avenue in between 10th and 15th North Street, very close to the San Miguel church next to the house where they lived. Alberto remodeled and reconditioned an old casona to live with his family, later turning their home into a place of work, this was a precursor to today’s “home office”. The restaurant Casa Mission was named with the intention offering a place where locals could rest, enjoy a nice meal and recharge after a long day, providing customers their all throughout the service. Experience a nice meal in a space full of tradition, not to mention the opportunity of running into the founder of this magnificent restaurant.  Over time, the tourists began to discover the restaurant, turning it into a popular spot on the island. 


Table for 25 pax.
Air conditioner.
Immersive experience in period dining room with private chef and waiter.

Not included

- Transporte.
- Comida.
- Bebidas.


Capacity: 2 pax (minimum)
Capacity: 25 pax (maximum)
Schedule: From 8:00 to 23:00
Sessions: 3 sessions per day.
Duration: 3 Hours.
Accesibilidad: Apto para movilidad reducida (i.e. silla de ruedas)


$400 usd
$0 usd
Children (5-12):
Date of activity:
$ usd

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