Blue: A Color With A Purpose At Casa Mission

At Casa Mission we recognize the importance that the color blue has in regards to our compromise in spreading awareness on autism. Blue is not just a color that identifies us, but it also represents serenity, harmony and trust; core values that are ever-present in our approach to supporting people with autism. 

Blue is the color associated with autism at a global scale, representing the diversity and singularity every individual within the autism spectrum has. At Casa Mission we embrace this symbolism and we integrate into our philosophy of inclusion and respect.

In addition to our dedication in spreading awareness on autism, at Casa Mission we are proud to present our menu that has been designed specially to satisfy  all the dietary and sensorial needs anyone in the autistic spectrum might require. We understand the importance of offering both delicious and respectful options to all the potential dietary restrictions that might arise. 

This menu has been carefully crafted to provide a safe and pleasant culinary experience for all of our patrons, including those on the spectrum. We believe strongly in the importance of creating a welcoming and comprehensive environment for all, where everyone can feel respected and valued.

At Casa Mission, the color blue is way more than simple aesthetic, it is a symbol of our dedication to spreading awareness and acceptance of autism. Through the aforementioned menu and our continuous compromise to the autistic community, we look to create a space where everyone can feel welcomed and supported.

Join us at Casa Mission while we celebrate diversity, inclusion and the importance that the color blue has in our mission of supporting those who are part of the spectrum. Together we can create a world that is more comprehensive and empathetic for all.

Hope to see you at Casa Mission!

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